Is work taking over your life?

Losing work-life balanceHelp!

I have recently taken on new roles in my business that are constantly demanding my time. I know that exercise and family time are important, yet my never ending to-do list is only a computer or smartphone screen away and I am finding myself constantly getting sucked into that vortex. Are you like me?

How can we escape?

Here are three simple strategies to break free

1) Set clear boundaries.

Parkinson’s law says that a job will always expand or contract to fit into it’s allotted time. If I approach my day without a plan that establishes clear boundaries around time to exercise or time with my wife and kids, work will expand and dominate my time.

Check out this post and see how some of the world’s most brilliant people divided out their day. Notice how many fit in regular strenuous exercise.

2) Multi-task

I desperately need a new pair of pants for work. Like, one thread away from a massive embarrassing moment desperate! Normally, I would hit the stores alone telling myself it is the most efficient way to shop.

However, today my four year old son has a day off of Kindy. What a perfect opportunity to combine work-life. What could have been a pure work, getting things done, activity became enjoyable father-son, Babycino sharing time.

Remember, sometimes it’s not only about getting something done… sometimes the journey itself can be the best part.

3) Get perspective

How much of what you’re doing is absolutely essential? How often to we get caught reacting to the things that SEEMĀ important, only to discover they aren’t that important after all.

I had a meeting scheduled for tonight that I automatically assumed to be important. The meeting itself was two hours and there was an hour travel time both to and from. That’s four hours of time gone. In the spirit of this blog and clawing back work-life balance I decided to take a closer look at what this meeting was actually about. After doing a short amount of research I discovered the information is covered somewhere else. Suddenly what seemed really important isn’t and I have some extra time with the family.

Steven Covey talks about this in his book the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Check outĀ this video for a great summary of putting first things first

Work-life balance can be tough. If you have any more strategies that have helped you please leave them in the comments. Finally, you can check out one of my favorite TED talks to the right on this subject.