Kids and milk

Is Dairy Good?

Is milk good for you? Is it good for your kids? Does it really matter? Where do we even start on this topic?

Last year Harvard professor Dr. David Ludwig published an editorial in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics questioning the role of milk in human nutrition.

The China Study, which is one of the largest studies of human nutrition ever conducted, seems to say dairy is dangerous. After studying this and other research, former President of the United States gave up dairy (among other things) and lost 11kg in the process.

Food pyramid

Dairy is Part of the Food Pyramid


Nutrition Australia recommends three serves of dairy per day as part of a healthy diet.

It claims milk to be rich in calcium, protein, and other nutrients.

So what should we do?

We recommend doing some research of your own on this important subject. One of the best all around articles about dairy is on Mark Sisson’s website Mark’s Daily Apple. Start there and you’ll find links to other resources.

We recommend limiting or eliminating dairy because it encourages three things.

  1. Inflammation
  2. Mucous production
  3. Acidity

One of the first things we recommend when a new Mum brings in a colicy baby or a little one with recurrent ear infections is… STOP eating dairy!  Most see a difference quite quickly.

Our own experience

From our own research we have decided to take our own family off of dairy and are in the midst of transitioning right now. We’ll keep you posted on the progress. At the moment my daughters are starting to like home-made almond milk… my son hates it. However, he does love Coco-luscious Ice Cream.

More to come…

This post doesn’t even scratch the surface on this topic. In future posts we’ll explore more on this like “What can I give my kids instead?” “What about butter?” “What about raw milk?” And more…

So where do you stand on this topic?

Do you give your kids dairy? If you’ve given up dairy what have been some of the biggest challenges? How do you feel?

We look forward to hearing your comments.

Milk. Good or Evil?

Milk. Good or evil?