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Sue Monaghan

The Whole30 challenge at Bremer Chiropractic

Little everyday choices matter

As always my year has been full of highlights.  One of which was the 30 day challenge I took with Dr Joe & the gang at Bremer Chiropractic  in March of this year, 2014.

Around two years prior to my 50th birthday I had noticed a’ little’ weight gain.  I’d put on 9 kilo’s even though I hadn’t changed diet/habits.  I was constantly told, “Well you’re 50 now.  This is what happens” and, “you’ve got to expect this at your age.”

It’s at that moment I decided to grow old “UN-gracefully”…  and invent a word while I was at it!!

Enter Dr Joe & the Whole30 challenge.

Not a weight loss program but a Digestive system reset.  We started by Dr. Joe having us go through a Health Risk Assessment to give us a baseline measure of our overall health.  It looks at your lifestyle habits and ranks your overall health and wellness along a 0 – 100 scale.  This gives you an accurate indicator of the likelihood a chronic disease may visit you in the future, if you keep doing what you are currently doing.

Then, for 30 days most of the staff at Bremer Chiropractic gave up all grains, sugar, and dairy.

There’s so much stuff you can’t have during the challenge!  The real challenge was getting rid of sugar and bread while learning to eat more meat, fruits and veggies.  Thankfully spices, ghee & coconut products are accepted.

It definitely took a bit of getting use to but after the 1st week or so, I never felt better.

In 2 years I’d lost 2 kilo’s, that was it.  The day after the challenge ended we got to weigh in and…

I’d lost 4 kilo’s in the 30 days!!!!

We were told to re-introduce foods but to leave out anything we hadn’t missed & I genuinely hadn’t missed a thing, cheese, milk, bread, potatoes, pasta.  Nothing!  So I stayed on the ‘diet’ mostly because I felt so well AND have lost another 3 kilo’s, I’m back to my normal weight.

I turned 53 last week, only 4 more years until I get to turn my weight, haha.

Guess it’s all part of my growing old “UN-gracefully” strategy.

I don’t just love the Whole30, I live it.

If you’d like information on the Whole30 Challenge you can follow this link.  Sue is a remedial massage therapist at Bremer Chiropractic in Ipswich, Queensland and if you think she could help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. (07) 3812 7118

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