Kids and Chiropractic: Is it safe?  Is it effective?

There has recently been a lot of negative media in Australia talking about children seeing chiropractors and chiropractic in general.  If you are a parent thinking of taking your children to a chiropractor, you may be concerned and that is completely understandable!

If you are concerned, and looking for more information, you can find a statement from the Chiropractic Association of Australia about paediatric chiropractic here.  In this statement you will see that children around the world see chiropractors for a variety of different things and that adverse events due to spinal manipulation, performed by a variety of different professions, are “exceedingly rare.”

You can also read more about chiropractic in general in our post Is Chiropractic Pseudo-Science?

The reality is that chiropractic is very safe and is the world’s most evidence-based health care profession in the area of spinal health and spine related functional ability.  Here is a quote from the New Zealand’s governmental inquiry into chiropractic,  “By the end of the Inquiry we found ourselves irresistibly and with complete unanimity, drawn to the conclusion that modern chiropractic is a soundly-based and valuable branch of health care in a specialised area neglected by the medical profession.”  (Chiropractic in New Zealand. (1979) Report of New Zealand Government Commission on Chiropractic)

You can be assured that all of chiropractors at Bremer Chiropractic in Ipswich, Qld have taken courses specifically in chiropractic for children, are up to date with the latest research and therapies for children, and will only provide age appropriate therapies after they have explained to you exactly what they are doing and why.