SpineOne common cause of low back pain can be the Sacro Iliac Joint.  Researchers believe SI syndrome can be found in 15-30% of those with low back pain, including those who are pregnant.

SI syndrome was a common diagnosis for back pain in the early 1900′s.  That was until a group of researchers decided it would be anatomically impossible for the sacro iliac joint to cause pain.  Therefore in the 1920′s and 30′s researchers directed nearly all energy looking at the vertebral discs as the main source of back pain.

Recent studies have shown the Sacro Iliac joint is indeed capable of causing pain.  Not only that, dysfunction of the SI joint will cause dysfunction of the surrounding muscles such as the piriformis, glut muscles, psoas, bicep femoris, and superior gemellus.

Our goal in chiropractic is to:

  • restore proper function of the SI joint (keeping in mind any potential underlying issues like osteoarthritis, anylosing spondylitis, etc)
  • restore proper function of the surrounding muscles
  • make sure the entire spine is balanced and moving properly.
This often provides low back and hip pain relief.  Even more importantly, healthy spinal joints allow your brain and nervous system to function at their best.

All of these things can be supported by reducing overall inflammation levels in the body through fish oil supplementation, reducing grain and sugar intake, magnesium supplementation (if appropriate), and reducing stress levels.

If you think you might be suffering from SI syndrome, give your local chiro a call.  If you live in Ipswich, Qld you can find our office here.